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Bristol's first Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Media Production company launches this week.

Dog and Bird Media

With all the hype surrounding Blockchain and Cryptocurrency these days, it was only a matter of time before companies started popping up in Bristol that are on-board with the latest trend.

Dog and Bird is Bristol's latest media company to start up, located in the heart of Bristol on St Nicholas Street, the company claims to be working exclusively with ICO (Initial Coin Offering) businesses and Blockchain orientated organisations.

Dog and Bird

If you're like us, and you don't really know what all the hype is about, we asked the team for their opinions on the technology and why they have decided to set up with this specific niche. Tom and Liam, directors of the company speculated in saying "Blockchain is the latest technology that is going to revolutionise not just the financial industry, but all business operations across all industries". They continued by stating "We are the first of many companies that are going to start up with a focus on promoting the tech".

One question that we had, is that didn't Blockchain start up with Bitcoin? To which response was "Blockchain is the fundamental infrastructure in which Bitcoin is built upon, it is merely the first application of Blockchain. There are a multitude of different applications from Smart contracts, database security, charity transparency and applying immutability to things like health records".

They have already secured multiple contracts around the world with some of the biggest players in the Cryptocurrency world, and they say that this is just the beginning for their business. Already in 2019, they have completed a feature-length documentary called "The Trust Protocol", which focuses on how the small Crypto and Blockchain community has grown into an international phenomenon and household name.

The Trust Protocol

"Travelling around the world and meeting people who are as passionate about this technology as we are is one of the most amazing experience in our careers. Our documentary tells the story of our journey of discovery as we piece together this complicated new world revolution. Diving into topics such as Tokenised economies, futurism and the potential of decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO)s"

It appears the world is changing, and the Dog and Bird team state that soon we won't have to trust big organisations like Google and our banks, because one day these middle men will be cut out and we will be able to run our lives freely in a decentralised economy.

Keep an eye on Dog and Bird, and be sure to check out their documentary The Trust Protocol, if this stuff seems as confusing to you as it sounds.

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